​Special Ingredients to help counter anxiety and depression

Posted by Karen Skewes on 24th Dec 2015

​Special Ingredients to help counter anxiety and depression

Optimising our diets by avoiding substances like gluten, which might have adverse reactions on our gut and nervous system, and instead supplementing them with pro-biotic strains of bacteria. There are other nutrient approaches which might help to counter anxiety and depression.

There are a large number of minerals shown to assist with the control of anxiety and depression. The most popular are magnesium and zinc.

Zinc is a nutrient critical for the formation of DNA and RNA which allows cells to replicate in a healthy and productive way. Brain chemicals that elevate our mood rely on zinc for their production. Antioxidants that neutralize free radicals depend on zinc to be activated. So in other words to maintain emotional well being, the presence of optimal amounts of zinc is necessary!

Magnesium has a central role in sustaining brain energy and manufacturing the proteins that preserve the architecture of the nervous system.

Zinc deficiencies are widespread and magnesium insufficiency has been associated with anxiety. A lack of iodine, selenium and chromium also contributes to depression. As the incidence of anxiety and depression escalates world wide, addressing the root cause of these debilitating disorders might do more to assuage our emotional distress than psychiatric band aid.